9. kindly leave the stage

They’ve been a decent audience, the house was nearly packed

They laughed at my one-liners, and they clapped and cheered the act

They joined in on the chorus, they agreed to volunteer

And gasped with pleasure when I made the lady disappear.

Which makes me wonder why this voice keeps sounding in my head

A cold and bitter whisper that fills the heart with dread,

Saying kindly leave the stage

Kindly leave the stage

I’m getting good reviews, with critics praising my routines

And every now and then my face appears in magazines

My fees are on the pricey side, I’m always in demand

The outlook’s fine, the future’s bright, so I can’t understand

Just where the hell it’s coming from, this voice that I can’t see

And why it keeps on whispering my name and telling me

To kindly leave the stage

Kindly leave the stage

I’ve paid my dues, I’ve learned my trade, I’ve worked until I dropped

It’s taken me some time it’s true but now I’m near the top

I’m almost there, I’m at the point where I can sweep the board

I’ve made it on my own, now I can claim my just reward

But when I least expect it, from the shadow of the wings

Comes the dark insistent whisper and the terror that it brings

Saying kindly leave the stage

Kindly leave the stage.