8. mister punch

Here he comes the champion the hero of the hour

Strutting down the high street exulting in his power

Once perhaps you loved him, you admired him for his pride

You saw the other side of him When the baby cried.

Mister Punch

That's the way to do it he'll tell you with a smile

He's the kind of fellow who would fight a crocodile

Throw the baby out the window, give the wife a slog

Heres a string of sausages for strangling the dog

Mister Punch

Punch you in the belly Punch you in the face

Mr Punch is popping up all around the place

Isn't he a giggle, boys, isn't he a one?

Barrel-load of monkeys, such a load of fun!

Mr Punch

Mr Punch.

Child abuser arsonist and hypocrite and liar

To collect on the insurance he'll set the house on fire

He 's a man of principle, he doesnt feel remorse

He believes in murder but never in divorce

Mr Punch

Mister punch

Put him in the pokey, put him in the nick

Haul him into court and have him up before the beak

Find the bastard guilty and I tell you what he'll do

He'll hang the policeman and the judge and hang the hangman too

Mister punch

Mr Punch

Send him to damnation, drag him down to hell

He'll take on all the Devils there and Lucifer as well

That's the way to do it Boys That's the way to thrive

Old Nick is taking to his heels, running for his life

Mister punch

Mr Punch

1 & 2 & 3 & 4 & 5 & 6 & 7

All good children, so they say, all surely go to heaven

One potato two potato three potato four

Watch out for Mr Punch when he knocks on heavens door

Mr Punch

Mr Punch