6.. Good guys with guns

1. Outlaws rustlers gunslingers Injuns and thieves are running the town

Townsfolk crying out 'what's to be done?'

Send for the sherriff, round up a posse, call out the Cavalry

What we need is more Good guys with guns

Chorus: Good guys with guns

Good guys with guns

We know they're bound to have those bad guys on the run

All we need is more good guys with guns

2. Reds and yellows, gooks and commies taking over the world

Lookin’ for their places in the sun.

They all hate us ‘cause we stand for peace and liberty

Cos we’re the good guys and we’ve got the guns


M8 : You know it’s true, you’ve seen it on the movies and TV

If it works for Rambo, sure as hell it’ll work for you and me

And I’ve seen The Sands of Iwo Jima fifteen times or more

And every single time I watched the good guys won the war

3. Ayatollahs, Al Quaeda & Taliban want to bring us down

That war on terror’s only just begun

Now it’s time to make a stand for Mom and apple pie

Call up the good guys, tell ‘em: bring their guns


M8: It’s the way to make our country great again

Cos we learned the truth from the Gospel according to John Wayne

We’ve got the right to protect ourselves from harms

So we’ll roll up our sleeves, and proudly bear our arms

4. Weekday schoolyard, Kid gone crazy, headlines in the news

Public outcry “Lord what can be done?”

Like I told you, guards in schoolyards, armed with submachines

All we need is more good guys with guns.

Chorus x2