5. hollywood nights

Grey flannel suit and a snap-brim hat

He slides from the seat of his black Cadillac

His face is in shadow as he walks from his car

A block down Sunset and into the bar

Cigarette and a shot of rye

For the disillusioned private eye

There’s a green-eyed girl at the bar and she’s

Surrounded by smoke and glamour and sleaze

And she smiles kind of sadly, and asks for a light

And tells him her name in the Hollywood night

It’s a fantasy dream on the cinema screen

A dance of the light in a particle beam

And God only knows it’s a long way down

From the Hollywood hills to this Midlands town

But I keep on coming to watch again

Where the clean cut boys and the hard boiled men

Play out their parts and snarl out their lines

And I’m looking for something among all the signs

Where the world isn’t grey, it’s black and it’s white,

And you know what to do in the Hollywood night

But I heard Philip Marlowe’s walked out of the door

His office is closed, he don’t live here no more

He’s moved to Ohio; he don’t give a damn

Can’t even be bothered to chercher la femme.

So I’m packing my bags and I’m booking my flight

To the city of angels and Hollywood night

Where the girl with the eyes as green as the sea

And the slash of red lipstick is waiting for me

And she’ll smile kind of sadly and hold me tight

And we’ll walk together into the Hollywood night