4. dress to kill

She may be a Lady, she was never a sister

But since she’s been gone it seems that you missed her

And you kissed her in your dreams and it made you feel 10 feet tall

There was something about her you found quite erotic

Something hypnotic, something despotic

A patriotic pinup for your bedroom wall

Chorus And you read in the Daily Mail

They’re putting her clothes up for sale

And it gives you a guilty thrill

Dress to kill….

Sneak a little closer so that you can eye them

You’re thinking of course I’d never buy them

But maybe I could try them on for size

How would it feel, would it suit my figure

Would I feel a little stronger, feel a little bigger

And quicker on the trigger in my new disguise?


But it’s a difficult question, which one to choose?

And what about handbags, what about shoes?

You’re confused by the wonderful feminine mystery.

But the smell in the air is of bridges you’re burning

You’ve made your decision and you’re not for turning

You’re learning how powerful powercrossdressing can be.


Now that colour’s just you – it makes you look cooler

A little bit harder, a little bit crueler,

You’re a ruler, a tyrant, a lord, a king or a queen!

That tune in your head - is it the national anthem?

Or a song of love to the girl from Grantham?

You can’t imagine why you feel so mean.


But the clothes hug your body and now you discover
They’ve a life of their own and they’re taking you over
They cover you, smother you – you’re going going gone
There’s nobody hearing your desperate cries
Till there’s nothing that’s left but the fear in your eyes
As you’re cannibalized by a length of blue chiffon