3. lazy wind

The cold wind off the hillsides chills a person to the bone

Its fingers reach inside and touch the pain

And I'm here beneath your window, crying open up your door

And let me know that maybe one day you and I might be alright again

Chorus And it’s a lazy wind

Don’t blow round you, blows straight through you

It’s a lazy wind.

Your lovers and your helpers have all packed their bags and gone

They tell me you don't play the blues no more

But on the kitchen table there's a fading deck of cards

So let me deal a hand and see if that will tell us what we're looking for

You were the queen of air and darkness, you were mistress of the night

And I promised you I'd save you if I could

Like kids beneath a blanket telling stories to themselves

We'd pull the warmth around us and we'd tell that lazy wind goodbye for good

The whistle of a distant train is drifting on the air

To some it sings of freedom and of hope

To others it's a country song of darkness and despair

That coils around them calling them and pulling like the hangman pulls the rope.