10. From the wolf's point of view

Em A Asus4

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t say she’s to blame

Em A Asus4 A

She must have learned her ways from the folks from where she came

Em A Asus4

But as I watched her moving through the trees

Em A Asus4 A

I have to say she didn’t look that innocent to me

Her daddy was a hunter of my kind

He’d take the things he valued and he’d leave the bones behind

He taught his daughter how to set a snare

He taught her how to track a wounded creature to its lair

D Dsus4 Bm

Chorus Her scarlet cloak was bright against the snow

C Em

I never should have left the path to follow her I know

D Dsus4 Bm

But stories that your momma told to you

C Em

Can take on different meanings from the wolf’s point of view

Old lady in the house beyond the wood

She wasn’t poor, she wasn’t sweet, I know she wasn’t good

She wore bright diamonds, pearls and golden rings

The coat she wore was stitched together from my cousins’ skins

Chorus Lift the latch and softly slip inside

Creep upstairs to where the bedroom door is open wide

She won’t be showing off her pearls today

Cos now a wolfskin’s wrapped around her in a different way

Come in, child, and put your basket down

You must be weary after walking all the way from town

Sit beside me here and stroke my fur

And ask about my eyes and ears and whiskers if you dare

Chorus But heightened senses warn you of attacks

Or tell if someone’s coming up behind you with an axe

The stories that your momma told to you

Can look a little different from the wolf’s point of view

There’s tears and gashes in the scarlet cloak

A folktale’s always told from the perspective of the folk

You’re certain what the ending ought to be

But who’s this tale’s narrator – is it them or is it me?

Chorus Tell a tale to give the kids a fright

Remind them I’m still prowling in the forests of the night

Cos stories that your momma told to you

Can look a little different from the wolf’s point of view


Ears and eyes and claws and teeth

All the better, all the better (repeat fade)